Driving the golf ball with authority is perhaps one of
the biggest confidence boosters in the game of golf. There is nothing quite
like booming a drive way by every player in your foursome. To create more power
with your Driver it is essential that you understand the dynamics of how the
most distance is produced with the driver. The PGA TOUR Players who are leading
in driving distance and total driving all launch the ball high with low spin
rates producing a missile down the fairway.  To create a drive with high launch and low
spin, you must have the appropriate loft driver for you current launch angle
conditions. In other words what your Driver’s effective loft at impact is
creating? You can learn this number by utilizing a launch monitor with your
professional. You can determine your average launch angle conditions. Secondly
you will need to determine your spin rate. The rate in which the golf ball is
spinning. If your golf ball is spinning too much then you will ultimately loose